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We have two different challenges for beginning coders. Both use drag and drop interfaces so that you will not get bogged down with syntax issues. It is your chance to be creative through coding. AND you may even win a prize.

Beginner Challenge 1 - Make it fly:

For this challenge, you will use the Scratch coding environment. You will work your way through a programming tutorial that selects a character, adds scenery, and makes the character interact in the scenery. Then you will extend the scene and make it your own. You can add new characters, new scenery, new moves, etc.


To submit your challenge, use the File menu to download your code. The extension of the file will be sb2. Then email the code from your GU account to: Scratch.kgw0b2w1pjcqm5al@u.box.com

Beginner Challenge 2 - Solar System:

For this challenge, you will use the Tynker coding environment to program an interactive model of our Solar System. When you click on the link below, select the "Get Started" button. Then you can begin working your way through the tutorial. You will setup a background, and program the planets to orbit. You can then add music or other creative characters and descriptions to make it your own.


Once you are ready to submit, click on the share button on the top right to get a website address for sharing the code you created. Put that web address in a text file. Name the text file as yourNetid.txt. Attach the file to an email and send it from your GU account to :




We have custom designed coding challenges on Hacker Rank.

Test your skills against other coders! See how you rank. Solve problems to win points and prizes.


Need help? Come by Wednesday night for pizza and programming.